Improve engagement and
retention with the power of VR.
Training in VR/AR boosts user engagement and learning retention
in a safe training environment
Immersive Training Immersive
Training in VR
Do people fall asleep during your PowerPoint presentations? Do you have to take one employee of his job to train another? Do you have to freeze important training drills because of budget measures? With training from GMETRI, your trainees stay highly engaged, remember what they have learnt and come 100% prepared on their first day.

More Efficient

Trainees take an active role, ensuring high engagement during training sessions, while improving retention by up to 50%


Trainees practice and fail in a safe environment. This can be vital if safety plays a role on your workplace.

Cost effective

Enables remote training of multiple employees and can be repeated infinitely, without additional cost.


Health & Safety

Technical Skills

Soft Skills


Our training solutions cover a range of topics, creating a base for customizable modules that showcase a variety of immersive content, and provide trainees a real world experience accessible from anywhere.
Immersive training,
delivered from the cloud.
360° Real life simulations
Our training scenarios feel like you are really there.
Scalable Deployment
Our solutions work on all hardware and requires no apps
Custom UI and features
We code from scratch on our own platform - no limits!
Backend Integrations
We set up seamless integrations with current HRMS systems
Data Insights
Get valuable insights by observing the users' movements and actions inside the VR experience
Data Dashboard
Login to manage and get statistics
Track progress and highlight problem areas
Gaze Data
Gain valuable user behaviour insights
(Beta launching soon)
VR training creator
Soon in Beta, GMETRI's cloud based editor tool that will allow anyone with basic
computer skills to create highly engaging, simulation based VR training modules.