Sell more online with
immersive experiences
Our VR/AR solutions for e-commerce bridge the gap
between shopping online and going to a real store
The Future of
E-commerce solutions from GMETRI bridge the gap between online shopping and real life store shopping. Let users experience your products in a new way with interactive 3D models, multi product display and real time shelf population.

More efficient online shopping

Spontaneous Product discovery

Enhanced Brand & customer engagement

Better customer metrics and insights

"The customer experience is the next competitive battleground"

- Jerry Gregoire, CIO at Dell

Our VR retail platform builds on the mass reach and versatility of WebVR, giving you one single platform suited for all needs.

Runs across all display media

Real time population

CRM + CRT integration

Analytics & Gaze detection

Audio/Video Livestream enabled

Augmented Reality enabled

Gaze Data & Analytics
Know your
customer better
Which products were "almost" bought? Which products do people find totally uninteresting? With gaze data capture you gain valuable insights by observin the users' movements and actions inside the VR experience
(Beta launching soon)
VR store editor
Soon in Beta, GMETRI's cloud based VR editor tool that will allow anyone with basic computer skills to upload their own products and change the store environment.